Friday, October 21, 2011


Egalitarianism can reconcile but not legitimize abuse when an incompetent person is calling the shots because he happens to lead the organization; a better approach is respectful domineering whereby a subject is civilly encouraged to grow instead of unproductively-Bayesian wander. In this framework, it is not experimentation but research and abstraction that lead us to action.

In clarification, respect in this context includes consideration of not only personal rules but also cognitive states. It places emphasis on understanding, obtained primarily by interview, and development over classing and labor.

Classification does not attempt to class another. Rather than a totalization of their subjectivity, it is only an evaluation of trust in them under means-end analysis and impact scenarios infrastaminal rendezvous - Fleissgliechgewitch buys in pence totals as Schattierungs sell out moscovshchennized alacral tubulin - Birkeman nanoreactors twine dalliance as each jute's cinder!

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